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Komabase (Germany) starts Zoda's fourth release with the original track "Global World" that glides slowly into capturing his typical space driven soundscapes.

New Zoda Artist Dean Vincent (Derby / UK) provides his debut with an impressive remix that pulls the listener into the club atmosphere.

Zoda regular RRKS (Chicago/Atlanta, USA) provides a remix that dives into deep waters and provides the listener with mental tension throughout the track. Supported on Dave Clarke's Whitenoise Radio.

Ryogo Yamamori's Remix (Tokyo / Japan) fires his usual vintage Drum patterns and rounds out the track with a melodramatic string to illustrate his vision of a "Global World" superbly. Also supported on Dave Clarke's Whitenoise Radio

"Hard Business"
RRKS & Komabase find their way together again to generate a massive 4/4 HypnoAcid beat for the dance floor. Again, featuring support on Dave Clarke's Whitenoise Radio

"Lonely Corridors"
RRKS moves outside of his comfort zone to produce a track with a familiar synth melody that captivates the audience and meticulously shapes the breaks with a timeless touch and a slight hint of Detroit magic.


Komabase "Global World" (original mix)

"Global World" (Dean Vincent remix)

"Global World" (RRKS unauthorized remix)

"Global World" (Ryogo Yamamori remix)

RRKS & Komabase "Hard Business" (original mix)

RRKS "Lonely Corridors" (original mix)